a humane society about 30 minutes north of me is having a 50% off sale on all of their black colored animals because they’re always looked over when it comes to adoption and I really wanna go look,but we can’t get another dog until mine is fixed :(

I used to like Katy Perry but this past year she has been pissing me off so much, like it’s just one thing after another and I wish she would just go away for a while



If you are a successful celebrity, you should never be disloyal to your fans because they are the reason you got this far. You SHOULD be obsessed with them because you are practically running a business. A business will always find a way to engage your consumers. Showing love to the people that support you is not tacky so please get off of your pedestal. If you treat your fans like sales on a spreadsheet or your income, karma is going to come back at you like a dark horse.


No matter how hard I try to have an open mind

There’s a little voice inside that prevents me (x)

"I love everything about working with Tony. Everything about it. He’s such a legend and because of that I get to learn so much when we sing together."

American Life is my second all time favorite Madonna album

any cute virgo fact?


They love collecting things. Anything that they can get absorbed into and that catches their eye.